About us

Aadi: Origin, root

Vaahan: Vehicle

Aadivaahan specializes in out-of-the-box answers to the most pressing/vexing tech-no-logical issues facing us, without regard to size, scope, complexity or geography.

What is En-Sign?
Ensign is the polar opposite of De-sign. Where De-sign removes the very Sign or Symbol personifying what is being Manifested, En-sign puts that very symbol/sign back in the heart of the mix, at the core, where it belongs. Thus what flows is the optimal manifestation of what is being created.

We are a global team of radical, out of the box thinkers combining decades of real world experience in complex technology fields, coming together to :

a) Bring our own radical takes on everything from Shoes to Aircraft to the world
b) Create bespoke designs for clients who have the vision and the means to question their existing paradigms and create breakthrough, industry shaking products