Focus Areas


Automotive : Two/Three/Four Wheelers:

  • 2 Wheel chassis redesign (enhanced maneuverability, stability and safety)
  • 4 wheel chassis (greatly enhanced in every respect from current standards)
  • Multi-Buffer Drive Train
  • New KERS or Regenerative Braking System
  • New seating system design (All class of vehicles, from bicycles to cars)
  • Enhanced steering and stability system (2 and 4 wheelers)
  • Rally car control enhancement system
  • Chassis Rigging System
  • New Seating system for rally cars (greatly enhanced racability)
  • Road Keel System
  • Engineering Biasing Systems for enhanced system performance
  • Enhanced braking system (2 and 4 wheelers)
  • Project X (Top secret for now, but really exciting possibilities)
  • Automotive/Motorcycle Helmet design
  • Universal Vibration Damper


A totally new core redesign of the humble shoe. It’s FootWARE not FootWEAR. Every kind of Athletic shoe will be impacted. This has the potential to shake the entire industry of footwear.
Huge impact for Polio patients/amputees and people with degenerative leg issues.
Also a unique method of foot/shoe sizing. Huge potential when applied to on-line purchase of shoes.


  • A new Propeller
  • A new Aircraft Spaceframe
  • The Flying Bicycle
  • A Brand New Method to Transport people in total safety, the true Aircar, especially for Smart Cities and Mountain Transport

Electric : Two/Three Wheelers:

  • Range Extension
  • Radical Batteries
  • Unique self-righting system
  • Radical Frame Design
  • Electronic Tricks for Range Extension
  • Ultra Safety Seating System


  • Whole new propulsion system
  • True, human friendly bio-mechanical drive
  • Unique self-stabilizing system
  • A very unique Trike, the Incumbent


  • Universal Vibration Damper (For Shoes, Skis, Rackets, Running)
  • A radical take on a cricket bat design
  • Super Safe Sporting Helmet design

Marine Systems:

  • Super Stable Marine Platform Design
  • New Ship Propeller Design
  • New Hybrid Propulsion System Design
  • Ultra Light, Ultra Fast Boat Design


  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Sewage Management Systems
  • Alternative, Low-Cost, super – Dwellings
  • Haptic Man-Machine Interfaces