Team Members

Vivek Chaturvedi
Founder & Chief Visionary

Vivek can be best described as a visionary, out of the box thinker, with a deeply intuitive understanding of technology and business and the ability to connect dots in new and unique ways.
With a career spanning the Indian Navy, United Technologies, the Dot-com boom in the US and mCom boom in India, he has a breadth of experience at the highest levels of diverse industries.
Also a multi-instrumentalist musician, author and all round inquisitive seeker.
Aadivaahan is his vehicle to bring radically innovative concepts in many spheres of human activity. This unique design vision springs from a new understanding of human bio-mechanics.

John Lazorack
Automotive and Industrial Design Adviser

Design genius, Michelen Design Challenge award winner, Race car builder and driver. By day he works for General Motors, designing their most futuristic concept cars. By night he builds and races and wins in one of the most unique street race-cars in America today. John is our in-house, on-team design and build guide.  Over 10 years ago he met Vivek in San Francisco. Together they have developed many elegant, yet simple products, based on Vivek’s unique design philosophy.

Somendar Singh
Automotive Design Adviser

The Barefoot Genius of Mysore. A not-so-humble automotive genius who has cracked the secret of Combustion in ANY size/fuel Internal Combustion Engine. A man who challenges the world and all large Automotive manufacturers that he has THE solution to pollution via the global automotive excess. Built his own microlight aircraft, taught himself to fly it. Multiple race winner in Motorcycles, Cars and Rally in the Indian Automotive scene over decades. A true International Legend. On the cover of Popular Science…. http://www.popsci.com/cars/article/2004-09/obsession-mr-singhs-search-holy-grail

Sridhar Kandal
Architecture and Space Frames Design Adviser

A thinking man’s thinking man and Architect par excellence. No cosmetics, no ostentation, just pure raw design as an expression of function. A keen observer of nature who analyses inherent patterns and processes to arrive design concepts. Sustainability by necessity rather than by fashion.